Learn More about Daleville Community Library’s Policies

The Daleville Community Library has many policies in place for our patrons to follow so that everyone can continue to enjoy access to the many services our library has to offer Daleville and surrounding communities. On this page, you’ll find out more about our general membership and late fees, as well as general guidelines for our materials donations, and our computer usage policy. Should you have any questions or concerns not addressed here, be sure to contact us any time during our library’s normal hours.

Membership and General Practice Policies

The library will be open during the following hours:

Monday – Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Wednesday – Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Saturday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Fines, Fees, and Refunds

1. Fees for library services include:

2. A late fee of 25 cents per day will be assessed for each overdue item. Patrons must pay late fees accrued before borrowing other materials.

3. If materials are lost or returned in unusable condition, the cost of replacing the item will be assessed.

4. Should materials that have been paid for be returned in good condition, a refund will be provided.

Materials Donations

Daleville Community Library accepts donations of books and other materials that are in good, usable condition. We are very grateful to all of our many generous patrons and community. However, due to the influx of items we receive, we have recently developed a Book Donation Policy. Please read over this policy before donating items. We thank you for your understanding.

  1. The decision on whether or not to include donated items in the library collection will be based on the library Collection Development Policy criteria for selection. Final determination will be made by the Manager of Library Services.
  2. Items that are not needed for the library’s collection may be included on the sale rack. Paperback items cost 50 cents each and hardback books are $1 each. Magazines are sold for 25 cents each.
  3. Donated items become the property of Daleville Community Library and may be sold or recycled at the discretion of our staff.

Accepted Items:

Items NOT Accepted:

Daleville Community Library Computer Use Policy